A paragliding flight in Arcachon, an unforgettable moment

Photo de la jetée d'Arcachon.

Do you know Arcachon?

Located 10km from the Dune du Pilat, Arcachon is a seaside town by the ocean.


It is a picturesque town located on the Atlantic coast of France, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. It is renowned for its natural beauty, architectural heritage, and relaxing seaside lifestyle.


Its 4 districts take their name from the seasons of the year.
The Summer Town is home to shopping streets, the town’s main sandy beach and a casino, housed in the Château Deganne, a 19th century building.
The Winter Town is home to extravagant 19th century villas.


The City of Arcachon was created in 1857, under the leadership of Napoleon III establishing it as an autonomous commune. The engineer Louis Lemarié discovered, in 1923, at a depth of 472 m, the Sainte Anne des Abatilles spring while drilling to find oil. This pure water, very lightly mineralized, rich in silicon and poor in calcium, is recognized for its therapeutic virtues. Highly appreciated, its consumption today extends throughout France and beyond.

The Waggas School, the paragliding specialists at Pyla, near Arcachon

Established for more than 20 years in the Arcachon Bay, we welcome you every day, from March until the end of November, when the weather conditions are favorable.

Whether you are a novice, looking for thrills or adventures, the Waggas School adapts to its customers to offer paragliding flights and courses in Le Pyla, 10km from Arcachon…


Benefit from our experience in this area to discover or rediscover the joys of educational paragliding tandem flight and the beauty of the constantly changing landscape.


As the tides and the sun change, you will witness the unique witness of a change in landscape against a backdrop of heavenly decor.
The ephemeral beauty of the Arcachon Bay never ceases to arouse the admiration of passengers and walkers.
You will be first in line to observe this unique setting.

Photo d'un baptême de l'air biplace (en tandem) en parapente, proposé par la Waggas School.
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