Waggas School, the Pyla paragliding school

Waggas School is the paragliding school emblematic of the Dune du Pilat.

We specialize in teaching ground piloting techniques and paragliding baptisms in the Arcachon Bay.

Un baptême de l'air en parapente biplace, proposé par la Waggas School.

Waggas School, an institution created in 2003

Pioneers on the Dune du Pilat, we have been established for more than 20 years in the Arcachon basin. In addition to the courses and baptisms, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the Camping 2 film teams, which gave us increased visibility, in addition to numerous national and international television reports.
L’équipe Mag’s cover, accompanied by a 6-page article, gave us our titles of nobility.
All these publications have contributed to building a solid reputation.

What are the values ​​that embody us?

Our DNA is based on sharing our passion with beginners and practitioners.
We are passionate and want to share our know-how in all simplicity and authenticity.

Paragliding in Arcachon?

On la Dune du Pilat more precisely.
The site is unique and perfectly suited to paragliding and more particularly to doing Waggas.

What is Waggas ?

We don’t know where this word comes from but it has always existed at least since the 90s.
Waggas refers to a style of flight which consists of performing figures close to the ground.
The notion of playing close to the ground is closely linked to the practice of waggas.

Why Waggas School ?

We come from a generation of pilots who practice acrobatics and we have adapted our appetite for piloting to the local specificities offered by the Dune du Pilat, that is to say regular wind and fine sand.
In addition to tandem paragliding flights, we also pass on our know-how to paragliding pilots through courses on la Dune du Pilat.
Dune du Pilat paragliding, Pyla paragliding or Arcachon paragliding, there was a wide range of names, but our choice fell on a name that would embody what we are and what we do.
We naturally chose the name Waggas School.

Photo d'un baptême de l'air biplace (en tandem) en parapente, proposé par la Waggas School.

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