A first flight in paragliding in La Teste

Eglise de La teste de Buch.

La Teste-de-Buch, a haven of peace on the banks of the Arcachon Bay

La Teste-de-Buch is a charming commune nestled in the Gironde department in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, in the southwest of France.


Ideally located on the French Atlantic coast, very close to the famous Dune du Pilat, it is an integral part of the Arcachon Basin.

La Teste is especially recognized for its proximity to the Arcachon Bay, a picturesque lagoon dotted with fishing villages, islands, salt marshes and “tchanquées” huts.


The town offers several beaches, including Petit Nice beach, La Lagune and Salie beach, where visitors can simply relax, swim and enjoy the sun.


The city has a charming city center, with its lively shopping streets, colorful markets and a friendly atmosphere. There, there are also historical sites, such as the Saint-Vincent Church and the Clock Tower.


With its relaxed atmosphere and rich cultural heritage, this small town is unmissable during a visit to the Arcachon Bay region.

Our paragliding baptisms in La Teste-de-buch

A first flight in a tandem paraglider at the Dune du Pyla, near La Teste-de-Buch, is an unforgettable experience which will allow you to discover the pleasures of free flight in tandem with a qualified and state-certified instructor.

Once in the air, you will enjoy a unique sensation of flight while being comfortably installed in the paragliding harness called “harness”, while the instructor manages the piloting. You will have the chance to admire breathtaking landscapes from the air.


A tandem paragliding experience is a thrilling experience that allows you to experience an aerial adventure in complete safety while enjoying the picturesque landscapes of the region. It is an experience that is both accessible and memorable, ideal for adrenaline and nature lovers.

Photo d'un baptême de l'air biplace pédagogique en parapente, proposé par la Waggas School.
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